Assistant Professor

M. Ibrahim Wani is an Assistant Professor at the Institute of Kashmir Studies, University of Kashmir (April 2017 onwards). His research interests concern Media and Cultural Studies, Consumerism, New Middle Class in India, Refugees, Identities and Protracted Conflicts etc.


He has an M.Phil from TISS (Mumbai) and MA in Mass Communication and Journalism from University of Kashmir. Other qualifications include UGC-NET & UGC NET-JRF. He is pursuing his PhD from TISS, Mumbai.


His recent papers relate to the positioining of the Refugee Crisis in Europe (2017), Kashmir's representation in Bollywood (2018), and Securitisation of the Kashmir Discourse (2019). Upcoming papers concern Indian Middle Classes, Politics predicated to Refugees in India, and Escalations in the Kashmir Conflict.

Faculty Details

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Research Papers Published

  • "The Marginal Refugee in the ‘Migrant Crisis’: Crisis, Othering and Border Walls in Mainstream Western Media Discourse" Refugee Watch, 1(49): 42 -61 {ISSN: 2347-405X}
  • "Escalation in the Kashmir Conflict: Return To Armed Violence As The Dominant Reference -Point and Securitisation of the Kashmir Discourse" Mainstream, 57(6): 37 -40 {ISSN: 05421462}


DepartmentSubjectCourse TaughtSemester
Institute of Kashmir StudiesOE for MAPolitical Economy of South Asia2
Institute of Kashmir StudiesOE for MACulture and Politics in Kashmir: Contemporary Debates2
Institute of Kashmir StudiesOE for MAKashmir in Media Representation: Dominant Discourses and Contestations3
Institute of Kashmir StudiesOE for MAEnvironment, Society and the State: Reviewing Dal Lake Discourses3
Institute of Kashmir StudiesGE for MASociety and Conflict: Violence, Peace and Human Security3