Assistant Professor

Assistant Professor at the Institute of Kashmir Studies, University of Kashmir.


Qualifications: PhD and M.Phil from Tata Institute of Social Sciences (Mumbai), MA in Mass Communication and Journalism from University of Kashmir, NET-JRF


Research Interests: Middle Classes in India, Migrants, and Urbanisation.


Courses Taught:

  • For PG Anthropology Course: Research Methods, Media Anthropology, Communication Skills.
  • For Elective Courses: Media Representation, Qualitative Research. 


Other Responsibilities/Roles:

  • Coordinator, Academic Bank of Credits (ABC)

Faculty Details

  • Mobile 9987510323
  • Email

Research Papers Published

  • "The Marginal Refugee in the ‘Migrant Crisis’: Crisis, Othering and Border Walls in Mainstream Western Media Discourse" Refugee Watch, 1(49): 42 -61 {ISSN: 2347-405X}
  • "Freedom Struggle and the Methods of Mass Mobilisation in Kashmir (1931–1947)" Journal of Kashmir Studies, 7(1): 157 -175 {ISSN: 09756612}

Books Published

  • ""Exploring the 'lived' middle class: Everyday experiences, anxieties and adjustments" in The Middle Class in World Society: Negotiations, Diversities and Lived Experiences (ed. Suter, Christian; Madheswaran, S; Vani, B. P.)". Routledge, London. {ISBN: 9781003049630} pp 17
  • "'Exploring the Role of Hamdard: A Study of its Agenda and Working (1935-1947)' in Edited Volume titled Kashmir: Past and Present". JK Books and IKS. {ISBN: 9788194605508} pp 22
  • "'The Kashmiri Middle Class and its Everyday Politics' published in the Edited Book 'Beyond Consumption: India's New Middle Class in the Neo-liberal Times'". Routledge (Taylor and Francis Group), London and New York. {ISBN: 9780367565718} pp 23
  • "'From Frames of Victimhood to that of Othering: Mapping Media Representations of Refugees' published in the Edited Book Titled 'The Routledge Handbook of Refugees in India'". Routledge. {ISBN: 9780367531096} pp 12