Public talk by Prof Shai Shouq on Poetry as a Source for the History of Modern Kashmir (1846-1947)

Talk on Kashmir History and Vernacular Poetry delivered by Prof. Shauq on 17th July 2019 The Institute of Kashmir Studies (IKS), University of Kashmir (KU) organised a Public Talk on ‘Poetry as a Source for the History of Modern Kashmir (1846 - 1947)’ on 17th July 2019. The talk was delivered by Prof. Shafi Shauq, renowned Kashmiri academic, author and poet. Prof. M. Y. Ganai, Director, IKS welcomed the invited speaker, and the audience which included senior faculty members, research scholars and students from Social Sciences and Humanities. Prof. Shafi Shauq deliberated upon Kashmir poetry of the period, and explained its importance as a key source for the history of Modern Kashmir. Detailing the importance of a number of poetic works of the period, he emphasised that the vernacular poetry can provide us a historical context which remains largely invisible, and can help to develop a people’s history of Kashmir and Kashmiris. The talk was followed by a rich discussion on Kashmir’s history and literature. In his concluding remarks, Prof. Ganai thanked Prof. Shauq for the rich insights into Kashmir’s past, and deliberated upon the significance of using multiple sources for in-depth and critical research on Kashmir.